About Tight Ship
Tight Ship

Tight Ship is a Chicago based record label formed by Barry Phipps, co-owner of North Branch Recording Studio, specializing in small run pressings of our favorite musicians and artists.

The Tight Ship Process:

1. Barry hears a band that he is really excited about, so he invites them to do an EP for the label. We try to record our albums within one day, utilizing studio downtime to keep overhead down. Overdubs are kept to a minimum and the band is encouraged to record live in the studio with everyone playing together. The exceptions to this rule are Barry’s “pet projects”, in which he spends countless hours on (such as the brilliant Randy "Water" LP, which was recorded over a three-year period).

2. Within days the project is mixed and mastered. The band drops by photographer Andrew Collings studio down the street to have the photo cover shot. The recording credits are typed up. The release is available for purchase through the website and at the bands' shows.

3. All orders are pressed for you “on demand” using high quality duplication techniques. Each CD is individually numbered. Your CD is like a snowflake. No two look exactly alike!

4. After we recoup the very low overhead costs, the profits from the CD are split 50/50 between the label and the artist. Isn’t it nice to know that the money you spent on the CD actually goes into the pocket of the artists who made it? It is. Oh, yes. It is.

Our Staff:

Barry Phipps

Record Producer

Barry is a Chicago based musician / DJ / record producer. He is a former member of the Coctails and has recorded or mixed such artists as The Lesser Birds of Paradise, The Like Young, Otis Clay, Kelly Hogan, Nora O’ Connor, The Zincs, Archer Prewitt, Smog and Jeff Tweedy.

Andrew Collings


Andrew is a Chicago based photographer. He takes all the cover photos for all the Tight Ship releases. One of the best photographers in Chicago and all around great guy, check him out for all your professional photographer needs! www.andrewcollings.com