Tight Ship News
2012 Releases
The debut album by The American Icons of Rebellion will be released on vinyl and digital download this May. A double cd best of Holiday Music is in the works for late fall.

2011 Releases
We are excited to announce a Tight Ship Daniel Knox cd coming out in the next few months, as well as our soon to be released ep from Baron von Something. Also, look out for The American Icons of Rebellion limited edition vinyl release this Summer.

We are on Facebook
For the latest news, session photos and music videos please visit us on our Facebook page!

Holiday Music 2010... For Free!
Click Here to download a free copy of the cd and artwork. Holiday Music is a collaborative music group that only exists in December of each year. Founded by Barry Phipps (The Coctails, Tight Ship Records) and Mark Janka and Tim Joyce (The Lesser Birds of Paradise), Holiday Music has been recording music every December since 2001. Our guests this year include Jon Langford and his son Tommy, Emily Hurd, Dorothy Van Stratten, Joe Wood and Tony Sarabia, as well as a slew of regulars.This release is a six song musical entitled "Tacoma Elf Storage". This free release is only available for a short time, so tell your friends!

Norman Phipps documentary on WBEZ
of WBEZ recently interviewed Tight Ship Recording artist Norman Phipps about his new cd. The interview aired as a ten minute audio piece. Joe, along with video man Gonzalo extended the interview into a 30 minute video documentary available for download on the WBEZ website. Click Here to see this amazing documentary.

All Releases Now on itunes!
All of our releases are now available on itunes.

Future Tight Ship releases
Tight Ship is currently working on an EP by Irish band Groom. Look for it in the coming weeks. Cameron McGill is slated for a future release as well as a children's album by Mark Greenberg and John Upchurch of The Coctails fame.

Holiday Music 2007, Tight Ship on iTunes, and Norman Phipps EP
Recently finshed Holiday Music 2007 EP is available for FREE DOWNLOAD! Navigate to the "VIEW RELEASE" link to hear the mp3s. Also, check out the first track from the Norman Phipps EP "Home".

Watch out for Tight Ship releases on iTunes! You will soon be able to preview and purchase songs from the TS Catalog in the iStore.

The Human Hearts is Out Now
Originally slated as 5 song Ep, this release, recorded over the Summer by Barry and superstar engineer Ryan Neuschafer turned into a full length LP chock full of great stuff. Another "labor of love pet project", Barry decided to give Franklin all the time he wanted to do the record, so expect it to be as good as we feel it is. This is the first release of Franklin's new band project The Human Hearts and is our first release of 2007. Buy it!

Tight Ship Feature on WBEZ Available "On Demand"
Tight Ship Records was featured on WBEZ's 848 program on Tuesday, April 25th, 2006. Listen to TS President Barry Phipps talk about the high concept of the label and discuss the influence that field recordings of frogs, Jandek and The History Channel has had on Tight Ship Records. Click Here

Out Soon: Franklin Bruno EP
Franklin Bruno will be dropping by this weekend to record a EP for a release around June. He will be backed by Mark Greenberg (Eleventh Dream Day, The Coctails) on drums, Michael Lyons (Clyde Federal, Violins) on bass and Jean Cook (Jon Langford) on violin.

Out Soon: Boxstep EP
Eric Graf dropped by North Branch Studio in January and recorded this fantastic EP . Eric and his band was joined by Ryan Hembrey on bass and Joel Patterson on guitar and lap steel. This record is "in the can" and will be released in conjunction with a release show at The Hideout

Two New Releases
We have been really kicking it out at the Tight Ship digs and have two new releases ready to go. Archer Prewitt's "BBC Broadcast" is done and a stack of them are on the road with Archer as he heads out West on tour. Pick one up at a show or get it here. The new Boxstep EP is also finished, but we are going to hang on to it for a while because Eric is in Pittsburgh and we still need a photo. We'll be recording a Steven Dvorak Ep in a few weeks for a March release. Barry will be interviewed soon for a 848 feature on Tight Ship Records to be aired on WBEZ soon.

Holiday Music on Chicago Public Radio
Tight Ship Recording artists Holiday Music recently composed and recorded a song for Edward Lifson's Hello Beautiful! show. The song is titled "Hello Beautiful Holiday" and features the full 12 piece group that will be opening for the Coctails at the Abbey Pub on December 18th. The broadcast will air this Sunday, December, December 11th at 10 am on WBEZ 91.5 on your FM dial.

Holiday Music opening for The Coctails
Tight Ship recording artists Holiday Music will be opening for The Coctails on Sunday, December 18th at The Abbey Pub in Chicago, Illinois. Holiday Music is Tight Ship's "super group", consisting of Barry Phipps and Mark Greenberg (The Coctails), Mark Janka and Tim Joyce (Lesser Birds of Paradise), Pramod Tummala, Eric Bandurski and Chris the trumpet player (Morning Recordings), Bill Lowman and Darren Garvey (Bosco & Jorge), and Charles Kim (The Astronomer). Since 2001, Holiday Music has recorded five Eps and given them away as Christmas / Holiday presents. The group will be performing selections from said recordings.

New Releases
We love The Like Young and Bosco & Jorge, but it's about time to get some new releases on the old home page. In the works is a EP by Archer Prewitt and his band, a new Holiday Music CD featuring the new nine person orchestra and an EP by Chicago newcomers Boxstep. Look for these releases over the next few months.

Tight Ship Showcase at The Hideout
On Friday, October 14th and Saturday, October 15th, 2005, Tight Ship Records will be holding our first annual Tight Ship Showcase at The Hideout in Chicago, Illinois. This two-night event will feature every artist that has recorded on our label over the last year. Friday night will feature Clyde Federal, Bosco & Jorge, Thax Douglas, Randy and Slow Planet. Randy will be driving up from the Ozarks for his Chicago debut. He will be backed by a band of Chicago musicians. Saturday night will feature The Like Young, The Lesser Birds of Paradise, Holiday Music, Thax Douglas and Camera. D.J. Barry Phipps will be spinning an after hours party to conclude the event. Holiday Music will be performing for the first time in public. North Branch Studio will be recording the event for a future release on Tight Ship Records. Tickets are $8.00

DJ Barry Phipps Box Set
Tight Ship is pleased to release a very limited edition three cd "box set" by Chicago's own DJ Barry Phipps. In fact, the release is limited to ONE COPY! It will be auctioned off at the third annual Rock for Kids Music Mixer on Thursday, September 22nd at Smart Bar in Chicago. The box set contains three cds of over three hours of music mixed on the fly by DJ Barry Phipps at North Branch Studio. Each mix was laid down to tape then dumped into Pro Tools and mastered to ensure that your listening experience is completely optimized. It also includes a small booklet with a complete track listing and a lovely cover photo by Andrew Collings. The collection is divided into three sets: Cocktail Hour, Dinner and Dance / Nightcap.

Bosco & Jorge Record Release Show
Please come out to the Bosco & Jorge Record Release Show this Wednesday, August 31st at Schuba's Tavern in Chicago. The dudes will be playing their self titled Tight Ship EP and other old time favorites. THIS WILL BE AN AWESOME SHOW! Why? Because STEVEN DVORAK WILL ALSO BE PLAYING! Who's Steven Dvorak? TRUST ME! HE'S GREAT! Steven came to Chicago over the Summer to record an album at North Branch with Bosco guy Bill Lowman and Slow Planet guy (and US Maple guy) Pat Samson. It is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE RECORDS! He sounds kind of like Donovan, BUT BETTER! YOU CAN'T MISS THIS SHOW! I don't mean to over hype it... okay, maybe I do. We will have the Tight Ship portable record shop set up and all the Tight Ship releases will be for sale.

August News!
We want to thank everyone who dealt with the sweltering heat and stopped by our table at the WLUW Record Fair at the Intonation Festival on July 16-17 in Union Park in Chicago. We met a lot of nice people and sold a lot of stuff! And did we mention how it was? Wow. It was hot. Also, on October 14-15, 2005 The Hideout is hosting a Tight Ship Records Showcase, featuring all the bands who have recorded EPs for us, such as The Lesser Birds of Paradise, The Like Young, Clyde Federal, The Thax Douglas Band, Bosco & Jorge, and much much more! And the whole thing will end with the triumphant return of DJ Barry Phipps to the ones and twos! You will dance! You will be rocked!

"Bosco & Jorge" is Bosco & Jorge
Our August 2005 release is Bosco & Jorge "Bosco & Jorge" (TSR #073005). "Bosco & Jorge" is available ONLY on our website www.tightshiprecords.com and at shows. There is a free mp3 download of the featured track "Bad Times" on the Release Page. Bosco & Jorge will be playing an EP Release show at Schuba's on Wednesday August 31, 2005 with Andrew Morgan and Lindsay Anderson of L'Altra.

Like Young EP
On time and on budget, The Like Young's EP for Tight Ship hits the website July 1st. It's really something special and everyone should own one. Makes a great 4th of July gift! We are mixing the Bosco & Jorge EP tonight (June 30th, 2005) for a timely release on August 1st.

June Release Being Slowly Released!
It's been a big month for us here at Tight Ship! After our lovely write up in the Reader, there has been a flurry of interest. Uncommon Folk did a nice review of Thax Douglas' LP "Where The World May Roll To Next". The Bosco & Jorge EP is in the mixing phase and will soon be up and on sale, and The Like Young EP is almost finished, as well, so look for that in July.

Wow. We're in the Reader!
Check out this week's Reader, where Bob Mehr gives Tight Ship Records a fine write-up! Thanks, Bob!

Slow Planet "Leave The Rest For Science" Released!
On May 1st, Tight Ship is proud to release Slow Planet's "Leave The Rest For Science". The record release show will be on May 13th at The Horseshoe. The EP will be for sale at the show, or here at www.tightshiprecords.com. Get two! They make good Mother's Day presents!

Upcoming Releases
The Like Young EP is tracked, and mixing will begin soon for a July release. Bosco and Jorge are about to enter the studio for their EP, set for a June release. Bill Lowman has announced that he will collaborate with Frank Navin from Aluminum Group for an EP to be recorded in July. We are in negotiations to record an EP with Morning Recordings, Canasta, & a barebones Consafos. Former Coctails Mark Greenberg and John Upchurch are finishing up a childrens record that will be coming out on Tight Ship in the near future. In unrelated/related news, The Coctails have finished up an EP for a Japan-only release on Presspop Records. They will be touring Japan in July.

Tight Ship Records at the WLUW Record Fair!
On April 9-10, 2005, Tight Ship will have a table at the 3rd Annual WLUW Record Fair & Other Delights. All of the releases will be available, and you can even get in on the pre-sale of the Bosco & Jorge and Slow Planet releases before they are officially released! Check out Tight Ship Recording artists The Lesser Birds of Paradise playing live at the fair on Sunday.

Upcoming Releases
The Camera EP is finished and will be released April 1, 2005! We are on schedule with bringing you a release a month through the summer! Slow Planet -- May 1, Bosco & Jorge -- June 1, The Like Young -- July 1. You will be able to get these either here on the Tight Ship website or at the bands live shows.

Clyde Federal:
The new Clyde Federal EP "Piecework" is ready for consumption. The record release show at the Hideout was a "smash" and we moved a bunch of copies, thanks to a nice review of the EP by Monica Kendrick in the Chicago Reader: "It requires patience, but it's such a pleasure to watch a local band develop into something special. Clyde Federal made several great leaps last year on two EPs and Best Practices (No Karma), a collection of raw recordings and live bits. Their latest and most polished EP, Piecework (Tight Ship), is mesmerizing, evocative late-night pop with some growl to it; on songs like "Good Cop" they suggest Lou Reed's better moments, but with a lighter touch."

Clyde Federal "Piecework" EP:
The new Clyde Federal EP is "in the can" and will be released this Friday, February 4th with a live performance at the Hideout in Chicago. The EP will be for sale at the performance and on our website. Be sure to buy a copy at the show to ensure you have the lowest numbered copy, which is ultimately the coolest.

Upcoming Releases:
We're working on putting together a bunch of new releases for you, to kick off the new year. Be on the lookout for new recordings from Clyde Federal, The Like Young, Bosco & Jorge and Camera. Check back soon for more info and updates!

Holiday Music for 2004:
The 2004 edition of the "Holiday Music" recordings is available now through the catalog. The band, featuring a core of Mark Janka, Tim Joyce, and Barry Phipps, were joined by whoever dropped by the studio between December 17 and December 23. The result is an album, chock full of original holiday songs and the occasional cover (whoever says the Velvet Underground never recorded a Christmas song will be delightfully surprised).

New Tight Ship Website:
You are looking at the brand-spanking new website that we've been working on. We will be adding more releases in the coming weeks as well as making improvements and adjustments, so check back often...

Featured Releases